Back to my first love…

I clearly remember my first time in Italy, when I was a child. It was back then when I fell in love with this beautiful country. As a teenager, my wish to move to Italy grew over the years and finally, one day, my dream came true. I moved to Italy, more specific, to Apulia, found a cool job and spent a fantastic summer season there. I immersed myself in the culture and language, while getting to know and appreciate the people and their traditions. When that summer came to an end I opted for a move to the big city. And so, Rome, the eternal city, became my home. I loved it. It was a wonderful time and certainly a special experience.  

However, things in life change and my journey continued in the US. I explored the country and lived in different states before settling in Arizona, where I published a travel/lifestyle magazine. After many years living in the desert, enjoying the wide, open spaces, riding out with my horse without seeing a soul for miles, the longing for my first love, Italy, became stronger every day. Like everything else, Italy had changed and yet, so many things were still so familiar. Time has come to follow my real passion… and so the idea for Discover Italy Magazine was born.

Discover Italy Magazine promotes environmentally cautious, sustainable travel and tourism to high-end travelers, who are curious and interested in the culture and traditions of the charming people and fascinating destinations of Italy. This country has so much more to offer than just Venice, Florence, and Rome. You will and cannot see everything in one trip. So, toss your Penny into the Trevi Fountain and prepare yourself for many returns. Just like me… returning to my first love… Italy.