A vineyard on the roof: these are the plans for Florence Airport

Florence airport is to become a vineyard in the future. Architects are planning an almost 19-acre vineyard on the roof of the new terminal.

The airport is often the first thing travelers see when they arrive in a foreign city or country. It has become a kind of calling card in international tourism – fueled by investments worth billions, especially in the Arab world.

In the future, Florence airport will also have a special feature and give passengers a first taste of what awaits them in Tuscany. True to the motto: “First impressions count!”

An eye-catcher as European premiere

The US design firm Rafael Viñoly Architects has presented plans for a redesigned international terminal at the Italian airport. The highlight: the new building will also include a 19-acre vineyard – a nod to Florence’s reputation as the “capital of Italy’s famous wine country”, Tuscany.

Little is yet known about the exact plans. Just this much: according to the architects, the future terminal will be approx. 12 acre in size – crowned by a huge pitched roof with skylights and almost 40 rows of vines.

That would be a first in Europe. The Halter Ranch winery in California has a private airport for licensed pilots and their wine-loving friends. But this is a unique combination worldwide.

Florence airport vineyard

First construction phase to be completed in 2026

A large part of the wine production will probably be carried out in-house. “A leading winemaker from the region will manage the vineyard and produce the wine in special chambers under the roof of the terminal,” said a spokesperson for the architecture firm Rafael Viñoly.

Below the vineyards, the design of the terminal envisions a large piazza which, according to the architects, will help to improve the circulation of passengers.

The plans also include turning the existing runway by 90 degrees to make it more suitable for modern aircraft. In addition, the airport’s transport links are to be improved with a new light rail system.

The architecture firm Rafael Viñoly has announced that it will work with the airport planners to build the structure in two phases. The first phase is due to be completed in 2026, while the second stage is likely to take longer. It is not due to be completed until 2035.

Airport images by Rafael Viñoly Architects