The historic port city of Pesaro in the Italian region of Marche is located on the Adriatic Sea on Italy’s east coast. It is known by many for its miles of sandy beaches and impressive sea panorama. Pesaro, with its picturesque old town, also has a lot to offer in terms of history – something that town will be able to demonstrate impressively as the Italian Capital of Culture in 2024.

Pesaro - Rocca Costanza

Historic Versatility

Pesaro’s history, which has been shaped by noble families over the centuries, comes to life in the city center in particular: Whether Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Olivieri Marchielli, Palazzo Montani Antaldi or the municipal museum Musei civici, which houses one of the finest collections of Italian Renaissance and Baroque ceramics – the relics bear witness to a flourishing past. Architectural monuments such as the Rocca Costanza fortress or the manor houses Villa Imperiale and Villa Caprile, which can be found in the nearby Monte San Bartolo Regional Park, also provide a glimpse into Pesaro’s impressive history. Villino Ruggeri, on the other hand, is one of the most extravagant buildings in the city and is one of the finest examples of Italian Art Nouveau. And the spherical bronze sculpture “Sfera Grande di Arnaldo Pomodoro” is one of the most popular photo motifs.

Lively Music History

The world-famous composer Gioachino Rossini, who was born in this Adriatic town, is a must-see in Pesaro. As the creator of many great works – including the popular opera “Figaro” – he is honored once a year as part of the Rossini Opera Festival. But there are also many other museums and places dedicated to the maestro – such as his birthplace Casa Rossini, the Rossini Theater, the National Rossini Museum and the Conservatory. Another musical great is closely associated with Pesaro. The Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti spent much of his life in his house in Baia Flaminia.

Pesaro Capital of Culture 2024

Italian Capital of Culture 2024

Pesaro has a packed calendar of events – popular highlights for visitors include the walk under the stars and the harbor festival with fireworks show. As the Italian Capital of Culture 2024, the city and the province want to become a cultural project that highlights the region’s characteristic combination of nature, technology and innovation and will be showcased in crafts, design, cinema, digital art, production, music and gastronomy. The latter will of course include the delicious “Pizza Rossini” with mayonnaise and eggs, a unique specialty of the city.