A new fitness experience combining Pilates and Yoga techniques

Exclusively at Grotta Giusti Thermal Spa Resort you can try a new fitness experience combining Pilates and Yoga techniques: Piloga. Due to the warmth of the grotto, body temperature is raised, amplifying the body’s ability to heal naturally.

Grotta Giusti is a beautiful nineteenth-century villa in the heart of Tuscany, in Monsummano Terme, between Florence, Pisa, and Lucca. Originally a countryside residence for the family of poet Giuseppe Giusti, today it is a prestigious resort immersed in the greenery of its age-old park.

Piloga at Grotta Giusti

Grotta Giusti has the charm of history, with a special atmosphere created by its architecture, the surrounding nature, and the spectacular natural thermal grotto. Grotta Giusti reopens with a new spa that has been totally re-created in terms of facilities, services and style.

Today, after a meticulous and loving renovation, Grotta Giusti has a newfound elegance, inspired by the nature and art of Tuscany and its poetry. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a project that has turned Grotta Giusti into a wonderful 5-star resort.

Grotta Giusti belongs to the Italian Hospitality Collection, who owns a collection of some of the most beautiful hotels, resorts and spas in Italy.

Grotta Giusti