The Ponte Vecchio gets a facelift for the first time

One of Florence’s most visited sights is being renovated: The Ponte Vecchio is set to shine in new splendor thanks to the upgrade, which will take around two years.

Renowned as one of Florence’s iconic landmarks, the Ponte Vecchio is undergoing a transformative renovation, promising to unveil its timeless charm in a rejuvenated splendor. Throughout its almost 700-year history, the bridge has endured floods, fires, and conflicts; the Ponte Vecchio remains a captivating testament to Florence’s enduring allure.

Now, the city of Florence is dedicating two years to returning the Ponte Vecchio to its former glory. While previous renovations focused on ensuring the bridge’s structural stability, this endeavor aims to breathe new life into the structure. This is the first comprehensive renovation and cleaning effort undertaken on the bridge, signaling a renewed commitment to preserving its cultural significance.

As part of the upgrade, the surfaces will be cleaned of algae, moss, weeds and lichen, among other things. There are also plans to renovate existing replacement joints, reinforce the stone itself and restore the flooring.

Work will initially be carried out on the upper section of the bridge in October and November of this year, with measures for the lower section planned for the summers of 2025 and 2026.

The project will cost around two million Euro. The Antinori family, one of Italy’s best-known winegrowing families, is donating around half of this amount.