An ancient history comes to life and puts on a show with the live show

A night to go back in time, and feel like you’re in ancient Rome, surrounded by a special setting: it’s possible with Roma On Fire, the new evening live show that will be staged inside the Roma World theme park.

One can take a trip back in time 2,000 years by traveling only 25 kilometers / 15 miles. This is the distance that separates the center of the capital city – or rather the Colosseum – from the Roma World theme park.

Since June 1st and throughout the summer, the Roma World theme park, dedicated to ancient Rome, will feature a show that will transport guests back in time, into the atmospheres of films such as “Gladiator” and other historical films.

Roma on Fire

Immersed in the majestic setting of the film set of Ben Hur, a multi-awarded blockbuster with 11 Oscars, a faithful reproduction of the Circus Maximus, spectators will be able to witness a challenge full of passion and action that celebrates the Empire, through the exploits of its protagonists.

This is the plot of the show: General Massimo, the protagonist of the show, having just returned to Rome from the victorious campaigns in the provinces, discovers that his beloved has been captured and enslaved. He begs the Emperor for grace, who is willing to grant it in the face of the harshest trials. Massimo will fight, risking his life, against dangerous gladiators, just for love.

The Roma On Fire evening is an experience that begins with a visit to the Legionaries’ village, surrounded by nature, inside the Roma World park, and continues with the typical dinner in Taberna, and its Gladiator’s Menu, the show live and, for those who want to experience it to the full, the possibility of spending the night in a tent in the Castrum, or the legionaries’ camp.

Roma On Fire is included in the Roma World theme park, the second park created and opened by CinecittĂ  World. Roma World is the experience park where guests experience a day like Ancient Romans, including gladiator shows, falconry shows, nature trails, alone or with the botanical tour, shopping in the Ancient Market, games for children and contact with farm animals.

Roma on Fire