Have you ever heard of Caorle? The town is located in the metropolitan city of Venice and is one of the largest municipalities in northern Italy in terms of area. It is located at the junction of the Livenza River and the Adriatic Sea. Caorle is often called “Little Venice”. Green Tourism in Veneto: Discover the nature around the Venetian port city: on water and on land.

Slowing down

Caorle sailboats

“Slowing down for a better life” is the motto of the Ca’ Corniani bike station near Caorle. Giving up the rush, learning to slow down, finally enjoying the journey… getting back in tune with our sensations and feeling forgotten emotions again. It’s not only while cycling that travelers can experience great nature observations in peace and mindfulness. Rowing, sailing, SUP, boating or hiking are also ways to enjoy life in slow motion.

The people of Caorle have made it their mission to open their surroundings and nature to respectful visitors, allowing them to spend pleasurable days in peaceful tranquility, away from the merry beach culture. Here, guests can also expect unspoiled beaches free of sun umbrellas. In addition, you will find centuries-old forgotten natural landscapes, fragrant pine forests, fertile fields, cantinas and farms that invite you to discover. On foot, by bike or on the water.

To the nature reserve by traghetto and bicycle

Caorle Traghetto

In the past, you had to travel 26 miles by car simply to get to the picturesque nature reserve of Vallevecchia near Caorle. It is actually only 500 feet away as the crow flies, but cut off by the mouth of the river Canalon. Today, visitors can take the Traghetto from Caorle to the lagoon and the beautiful natural beach of Brussa and on to Bibione. You can also rent a bike and take the bicycle ferry “Caorle – Vallevecchia – Bibione”. Vallevecchia is an 2,200 acre big enchanted island, surrounded by the sea and lagoon rivers. An ecosystem that has been able to develop in peace during centuries of seclusion, in the middle of the lively Adriatic Sea. The island, the dunes and the natural, clean beach are considered the only undeveloped part of the upper Adriatic. From the birdwatching spots visitors observe cormorants and herons, meet the proverbial foxes and hares, deer or – in the brackish water – crabs, eels and other exciting creatures. Whether on foot, e-bike or bicycle, this island is a perfect retreat for people who love peaceful nature and tranquility.

Paddling through the silence of the romantic lagoon

Carole SUP

Allow half a day for this extraordinary tour by stand up paddleboard which is a 9-mile nature-based excursion into silence and fantastic vegetation. It leads through large canals and rivers and through small waterways. It is recommended to travel in pairs or, even in a group, and not rely only on one board. This way, if something happens, you don’t have to wait alone for one of the passing boats. Make sure you have some food and water, sun protection and a hat on board. SUP experience is not necessary – if need be you can paddle sitting down – but medium athleticism would be recommended. Since the rivers that frame Caorle change direction with the tides, it makes sense to let the tide take you into the river and after a few hours paddle back out with the tide towards the sea and the beach at Falconera. The ideal starting point is the parking lot behind the Campground Falconera, and with a bit of luck, after the halfway point, the Mazarack restaurant will be open, which can also be visited from the board.

Biking the scenic route

Caorle Bike path

Conquer Caorle and the picturesque surroundings by bike. There are several different bike tours from Caorle for those who like to explore the city and the countryside quietly and under their own power. Visitors can, for example, cycle the route across Caorle to the lagoon, for which beautiful new and wide bike paths have been built. Or go as far as Concordia Sagittaria, enjoy an Espresso or Cappuccino and watch the hustle and bustle of the streets. More challenging tours of up to 40 miles lead to Brussa and Portogruaro. Even within the city – or thanks to the ferry in the lagoon – you can experience the scents, sounds and gentle wind that make cycling in the region so pleasant. Do you love wine? Then ride your bicycle from one wine estate to another, and load up your luggage baskets with the region’s delicious specialties – above all the region’s white Lison.

Caorle wine estate

An exciting short trip of just 2.5 miles leads to Ca’ Corniani, where visitors can expect not only an excellent wine cantina and restaurant, but also a unique bike station, where you can rent e-bikes and bicycles, and even take a shower or, if necessary, have your bike repaired. The Ca’ Corniani agricultural development project has already had six miles of a 20-mile planned bike path laid out, past flower meadows full of poppies and chamomile, bee-friendly plantings, and 30,000 newly planted trees and shrubs.

Sailing the Adriatic Sea

Carole sailing

Whether with or without a skipper, sailing on the Adriatic between May and October is considered one of the most beautiful experiences par excellence. The sun is shining, the air is warm and the sea invites you to jump in and take a swim. Mistral, Jugo and Bora are the names of the prevailing winds that make the Adriatic a sailing paradise. The latter often arises when the air pressure is high and blows out onto the sea from a northwestern direction. The visibility becomes as clear as the water. In spring and fall you can enjoy the Scirocco, a warm wind coming in from the southwest and ideal for sailing professionals. Excellent sailing conditions in the summer month are provided by the Mistral which blows reliably from the northwest and makes sailing particularly pleasant. It is a fair-weather wind that comes up in the morning and dies down in the evening, so that the sundowner can be enjoyed on the beach or in the street café in the warmth of the evening.

There is plenty to do and to see. And, of course, there is also Venice nearby. A city that is a must-see on top of every visitor’s bucket list.

For more information check https://www.caorle.eu/en

Photos: Caorle Tourism